Dog Blog Part 1 | Slifer Smith & Frampton’s Four-Legged Friends

Oct 2, 2015 // Lacey Baccich

Here at Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate, we are a bit dog obsessed! We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful, active and dog friendly places in the country and we are proud of it. With over 100 brokers and staff in our company, there are a lot of personalities – same goes with our four legged friends! Meet the Dogs of Slifer…

 Rufus Lord
(Tori Lord, Marketing Coordinator)

Rufus is a fun, playful guy who loves to fetch and wrestle. He enjoys adventures  but when he gets home he’d like to snuggle underneath the blankets.






Buka - Chelsea
(Chelsea Winters, Broker)

Here is a photo of Buka on the summit of Mount Holy Cross.  A 6 ½ year old Bordier Collie mix rescue pup- Buka is a great hiking companion, always ready for the next adventure!








Chex - Bob Dorf
(Bob Dorf, Broker)

This is Chex. He is an 8 month old Australian Shepherd who has never met a person or dog that he didn’t love. He keeps us on our toes.







Olive - Beth
(Beth Cleveland, Office Coordinator)

Olive is a 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer Mix. She LOVE’s being outside – her favorite activity is fishing and goes with me practically everywhere 🙂














Stewie - Lea

(Lea Zugschwerdt, Personal Assistant)

Stewart Michael Insull (aka Stewie) is 3 pounds lighter than the world’s heaviest pug and is affectionately known around town as “the one-eyed pug”. Morning cuddles, a walk on the golf course and FOOD are some of Stewie’s favorite things!











Hoss - LindseyHoss
(Lindsey White, Personal Assistant)

Like his namesake, Hoss Cartwright, this big lug may appear intimidating at first but those who meet him quickly learn he’s just a gentle giant. Adopted from Oklahoma just two weeks ago, Hoss is enjoying exploring Vail (that is when he’s not busy exploring his new couch) and can’t wait to for his first Rocky Mountain snow storm!










River.Boone - Julie H
River and Boone
(Julie Heaton, Broker)

Big sister River and her little bro Boone are a non-stop source of fun, energy, kisses and snuggles. They love to all things active, especially duck hunting. They also know how to make the term “bouncing off the walls” literal!  Life sure wouldn’t be the same without the two…












Leo - Molly ROliver - Molly R

 Leo and Oliver
(Molly Robison, Office Coordinator)

Leo is a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel rescued from Utah! He was originally a city dog in Denver but now resides in the mountains with his auntie, Molly and yellow-lab brother Oliver. He LOVES hiking & is extremely athletic. He also likes biting his big brothers ankles before they go outside.

Oliver is the happiest cuddle-bug you’ve ever met. He is 5 years old, loves hiking, giving high-fives, snuggling with his little brother and watching the Green Bay Packers.





Patch - ClarePatch
(Clare Simmonds, Office Coordinator)

Patch is a 5 year old rescue dog.

He is a Pointing Griffon/Labrador mix, so we call him our Gryffindor (for you Harry Potter fans). He’s goofy, energetic and loves to run.













Rudy - Katie SpoonhourRudy
(Katie Spoonhour, Relocation and E-Business Coordinator)

Here you can find Rudy wearing her favorite necklace,  the J.Cotter Vail 50th pendant.














FullSizeRenderRufus and Mountain
(Jackie Grillo, Personal Assistant)

Rufus (left) loves to hike and swim, the colder the better; Mountain (right) loves to hike and wade but his favorite activity is relaxing.










Teddy - BradTeddy
(Brad Tjossem, Broker)

Teddy is a very expensive factory dog  we got for cheap! …   Bernese Mountain Dog who thinks he’s  a Jack Russel!   Very active great hike dog! Eats sticks and grass! Best dog ever!








Wyatt - RobertWyatt
(Robert Barker, Broker)

This is Wyatt who we’ve had for 5 months from a Janet B. rescue from Amarillo. He’s become a great addition to the family and loves to hike, play and cuddle.














Sage - Diane
(Diana Mathias, Broker)

Rescued 10 years ago, Sage has become the best dog ever….loves snowshoeing, hiking, swimming when hot and being my best friend.









Wes - Amy
(Matt Fitzgerald, Broker)

Lionshead Office Official Mascot.














Misha.Jaeger - JCB
Misha and Jaeger
(Janice Ciampa-Bauer, Broker)

Misha and Jäger love to SUP too! Enjoying the sun and water in Lake Powell during the last week of September

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Lacey Baccich

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