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Oct 9, 2015 // Lacey Baccich

Gypsy - Dana G

(Dana Gumber, Broker)

Gypsy loves to hike and chase the ball in Eagle Vail where she calls home.  The neighborhood ponds are a favorite for cooling off in the summer!











Bandito - Rachel

Jefferson - RachelBandito and Jefferson
(Rachel Viele, Broker)

Bandito Viele, (Left) 14 yrs old, Shiba Inu, likes to nap in the sunshine

-Jefferson Viele – 2 yrs old, Black Lab, likes to chase the golfers on fairway #6 at Sonnenalp Golf Course – he is a rescue dog from Mile High Lab Rescue








Miss Maude - DidiMiss Maude
(Didi Doolittle, Broker)

This is Miss Maude, our 14-year old rescue dog from Savannah, GA.  Aside from her affection towards bourbon, she was never meant to live in the south.  We brought her directly to the mountains where she adores hiking, rivers, and all things “snow”.











Miles - Mike KingMiles
(Mike King, Director of IT)

Miles, our 3 ½ y.o. Yorkie, is overly affectionate, highly intelligent and is the first dog we’ve had that knew how to play fetch without any training. His nickname is “Mr. Ferocious” because of how he growls when playing and his penchant for skull & crossbones blankets and dog tags.










Bodi - KyleBodi
(Kyle Stoveken, Office Coordinator)

When he’s not digging holes or hiking, Bodi is slinging real estate in the Westin office.
















Rubie - Julie M
(Julie Miller, Office Coordinator)

Rubie is 5 months old. She is energetic, loves to cuddle and enjoys hikes because she gets to chase all the blowing leaves. She was rescued from a kill shelter in Dodge City, KS and we couldn’t imagine life without her.









Charley 1 - Sue Charley 2 - SueCharley
(Sue Rychel, Broker)

Famous show dog leaping for the ball at Bighorn Park and retrieving it to owner, Sue Rychel.

Portuguese dog owner standing nearby said, “Cocker Spaniels can’t swim.” (They are the smallest of the spaniels and known in England for their hunting of Cock Hens and their swimming ability.

A couple of seconds after that remark, Charley jumped in the water and swam full throttle after the ball.





 Lexsi Belle - DawnLexsi Belle
(Dawn Mullin, Broker)
Here’s a photo of Lexsi Belle enjoying a spectacular fall day in the mountains.

We rescued her from a shelter in Oklahoma one sweltering weekend the end of August: 4 one-way frequent flyer tickets, 2-day car trip back, one very sick dog, Priceless family time!!







Gunnar - JeannieGunnar
(Jeannie Hauff, Broker)

Here is a photo of Gunnar (previously Gunner).  I got him because his owner, an avid duck-hunter, said he was gun-shy.  He really isn’t, but pretended to be, so that he could live in the mountains!













Ryker.Sammy - Tonya

Ryker.Sammy 2 - Tonya
Ryker and Sammy
(Tonya Frank, Broker)

Ryker is a new addition to the family from Viszla Rescue of Colorado . Sammy and Ryker love hikes and swimming. Nothing better than being  outdoors.









Gizmo - Mitch WGizmo
(Mitch Whiteford, Broker)

Gizmo combines a Je ne sais quoi cuteness with a very acerbic personality. He was ejected from every puppy class, even ones run by “dog-whisperers”, sometimes with the instructor in tears.












Kaya - Alesia SoreilKaya
(Alesia Soreil, Inmueble Marketing)

Kaya’s first winter is yet to come, but at the age of 3 months, she hiked up St. Mary’s Glacier (11,300 elevation) and had her first snow experience, which she absolutely loved!












Myla - Brooke Pip - BrookeMyla and Pip
(Brooke Horan-Kates, Broker)

Myla is the pug, and Pip is the terrier mix. Myla is 4.5 and Pip is 10 months. Myla loves to snuggle more than anything. All she wants in life is to be near me, my husband or my mom. She lives for her bedtime treat. Pip is an independent woman. She loves everything outside, she lives for the dog park and she is determined to be best friends with all the deer that visit our house.






Bruce - Sara Penny - SaraBruce and Penny
(Sara Roberts, Director of Online Media)

Penny Lane and Bruce the Mountain Dog are brother and sister (but not by blood). Both rescues, Bruce is a stubborn old love sponge and Penny never sleeps and is always on alert. Both dogs love camping!

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