Spring Cleaning Tips

Apr 18, 2017 // Lacey Hearn

It’s that time of year! The mountains are closing, the trees are starting to bud, and you can no longer put off your spring cleaning! Whether you’re considering listing before the busy summer season or just need to hit the refresh button, here are a few ideas (and photos of some of our fabulous listings for inspiration) before you put on the tunes and get to scrubbing:

Freshen up your views

65ElkTrackNew_LivingRoomViewVignette Web

Clean your windows inside and out with a squeegy and microfiber cloth and wipe the window sills

Refresh your drapes


Take them down and put them through the dryer for 15 minutes on air fluff, then rehang immediately!



Remove everything from your shelves, shift furniture around, and get that dust out of there! Don’t forget those ceiling fan blades – use an old pillowcase to wipe each blade off

Give your kitchen some TLC

161WayneCreek_Kitchen high resScrub the inside of the fridge! Take everything out and give it a good wipe down.. if you don’t like to use chemical based products, use a mixture of soda water and salt

bauerb__BP_2588_webFeeling lazy? Take advantage of a warm day, open all your windows and set the oven to self-clean mode.. the fresh air will keep the burning smell out! Wipe the inside down with a wet paper towel once it has cooled down

 Tackle that bathroom….


1 – Take everything out of the bathroom..towels, cabinets, shelves, etc
2 – Throw away the unnecessary items, plan to replace shabby looking towels
3 – Dust the vents, wipe all the surfaces, wipe the base boards, sweep & mop the floors, replace shower curtains, scrub the toilet (eek!!)
4 – Take a breath – your bathroom is squeeky clean!!!!

 Update your sanctuary…


Refresh your comforter and pillows in a large dryer with 2 tennis balls – this should prevent clumps from forming! Dust your lamps and under your bed. Clean out the drawers of your nightstand and polish it if it wooden!
Switch your winter outfits out for summer and get rid of clothes that you didn’t wear!

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