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Sep 25, 2018 // Lacey Hearn
Fall Photos Roundup

Fall is an amazing time of year in the Vail Valley! It is difficult to describe if you have never seen it, but we will do our best with some photos taken by our brokers and staff…

If you find yourself in the Vail Valley soon, here are a couple hikes we recommend to see the leaves before they disappear and the snow starts to fall!

Berry Picker | Vail or Lionshead

Paulie’s Plunge | EagleVail

Lionshead Rock | Minturn

Booth Falls | East Vail

Beaver Lake | Beaver Creek

Doug Landin | Spraddle Creek


Sara Roberts | Abandoned town of Gilman, CO


Micah Starkey | Vail Mountain


Betsy Laughlin | Potato Patch


Chris Ball | North Trail


Tina Vardaman | Village to Village Trail, Beaver Creek


Sara Roberts | Cross Creek Trail


Jack Affleck, Bellyache Ridge


Lacey Hearn | The 10th, Vail Mountain


Janna Carvill | Meadow Mountain


Janice Ciampa-Bauer | Lake Creek Valley


Jeff McDermott/Layla the Golden | Westin Riverfront Trail


Julie Ozog | Bachelor Gulch


Karen Poage | View from SSF’s Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Office


Katie Spoonhour | Booth Falls Hike, East Vail


Katie Spoonhour | Booth Falls Hike, East Vail


Led Gardner | Vail Pass


Lindsey Hubbard | Camp Hale



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