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Mar 24, 2020 // Heather Bailey
Setting up for success

A lot of us are probably found working from home these days, and for many of us that is something out of the norm. Adapting to this new work style can be difficult. Here are some tips we think are helpful.


1. Get Dressed
It may be tempting to stay in your pajamas, but getting dressed is an important first step to starting the work day. Whatever else you do for a morning ritual – maybe you make coffee, do 5 minutes of stretching, or tidy up – it makes us feel a little more ‘normal’ and confident to take on the day. Plus, it’s probably better to for those virtual meetings!

2. Have designated work space
Doing this will allow you to feel more focused and productive, and keep it separate from your home life. Your new home “office” should reflect a normal work environment as best as you can. Packing up a little at the end of the day can help you transition to the evening, and try not to make it near a bed or a TV.

3. Plan your day
Planning out your day will help you minimize your distractions and maximize your true productive times. Now that you are working from home and possibly have your kids home too, make sure that you are flexible with your schedule. Set aside a lunch hour or fit in an online workout. A few minutes of mindfulness or even working earlier or later hours are all good ways to adjust to this new normal while still keeping your sanity in tact.

4. Avoid home distractions
Pets, TV and family members are just a few of the distractions you’ll encounter when you start working at home. It’s tempting to do a load of laundry or clean the dishes but make sure you are sticking to a schedule and saving household tasks and new episodes of your favorite TV show for after work.

5. Communicate, and communicate some more
It can be hard to be away from the office where we are used to interacting with coworkers. Make sure you are staying connected. Call at least one coworker a day, check in with your team frequently, and schedule calls with everyone weekly. As you figure out a new communication flow, make yourself available and always be asking each other how they are feeling.


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