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Apr 24, 2020 // Heather Bailey
UPDATE: Keeping the Vail Valley Safe

We are so proud and thankful for the strength of our community and the foresight of our leaders to make sure the Eagle River Valley is a safe place. It’s just another one of the many reasons we love to call it home, and if we stay diligent, we can’t wait to welcome you home! Thanks to these efforts, Eagle County is the first county in Colorado to receive approval for early exemptions from COVID-19 orders.


Watch the update from Vail Health’s Will Cook to understand more about how we got here, and how we are preparing for the future.


We’re here, we’re safe…be safe. Hope to see you soon!



Vail Health President & CEO Will Cook shares insider statistics and strategies explaining how Vail Health and the Eagle River Valley prevented a surge of COVID-19 cases and are preparing for what’s next.



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