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Nov 19, 2020 // Heather Bailey
A word from our London office

Nick Churton, from our London office, comments on the mood in real estate within the international community.


“Covid19 has frustrated international buyers for a while. Restrictions on travel have seen to that. But this situation won’t last forever and we know it hasn’t even dented purchaser enthusiasm. If anything the pandemic has fueled people’s desire to live in new places.


Just as sheltering and lockdown acted as an incubation period for those in other parts of the country seeking new lifestyles, it has also provided a stimulus for international buyers.


Contrary to many early negative projections, the real estate sector has fed off Covid19. The market has proved totally resistant to the virus. It won’t need a vaccine.


We know now that during sheltering and lockdown buyers weren’t idle. They were being actively watchful. Once sheltering and lockdown ended these buyers, armed with knowledge, stimulus and freedom, broke out. The market became a feeding frenzy.


As we look at second waves of the pandemic surging through so many countries we know that buyers may temporarily step back again into a watching mode. But once this next threat has receded and travel restrictions have eased buyers will have even larger appetites.


For sellers the moral is simple: make sure that the right people in the right places are watching your home.


But only the finest broker and agent can offer the sort of coverage these extraordinary times demand. Sellers need their homes to be watched, not just at home but also abroad.


No other brokerage is watching as much as Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate.”


Mayfair International Realty

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